Transpro is an expert in electromechanical design and manufacturing of custom harnesses, custom enclosures, electronic cabinets, and a variety of custom cable assemblies. Transpro carries a wide range of solutions for global customers in various industries, such as medical, industrial, motion and control, robotics, military, and others.

Why choose Transpro Custom Services:

  • Fast time to market
  • Best-in-class expertise and knowledge
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Customer-centric approach – delighted to exceed customer expectations
  • Cost efficiency

Our goal is to equip our customers with complete custom solutions by providing assitance in the development of the concept, apply the engineering through precise planning and executing the transition to mass production in a professionall & smooth manner. Whether your project is complicated or simple; standard, modified or custom; requires tight deadline and attentive management – our team of experts will make it happen, on time and on budget.

Custom cable assemblies production process

Transpro Custom Service will cater to your needs through the following phases of custom cable assemblies production:

Concept & Development
Based on your initial requirements we will develop a custom design concept to meet your product needs & criteria. Whether it is a question of product features, material specifications, optimized tooling or high quality surface finish, we have the technical expertise and knowledge to provide you with a complete solution to answer your product specifications.

Before implementing a single case solution we will create a prototype. Based on the prototype, we will verify and check the assembled components of your product, evaluate the design and in some cases even carry out functional tests.

After the design has been approved we implement the product concept by creating the molds, tool inserts and equipment. Throughout the implementation we will work with you to ensure our solution is as cost-effective as possible.

Mass production
Finally, we can also finish your product based on your specifications in our production facility, where we provide mass production under highly efficient methodology and guidelines, resulting in cost reduction and time efficiency for our valued customers.

Transpro is currently developing its own mass production test procedures. Transpro’s mass production capabilities and experience make it a long-term electromechanical design and custom cable manufacturing partner for it’s customers – local and global.