Transpro is an expert in Electro mechanical design and manufacturing of custom enclosures, electronic cabinets, and a variety of cable assemblies and harnesses. Our cable manufacturing assembly and harnesses production cover a wide range of cable types and across a diverse range of industries such as medical, industrial, military, and others. Your application may be simple or complex, standard or specialized – we have the technical expertise and the manufacturing capabilities to assist in realizing your product.

We offer complete custom solutions throughout the project life cycle, including the initial concept, design, drawing, engineering, sample production and approval, final testing and mass production.


Cable assemblies and harnesses manufacturing

Transpro’s cable assembly and manufacturing maintain reliable electrical and mechanical integrity in the most demanding environments.
Our cables are engineered with the latest materials to be able to meet rigorous electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements for the most challenging applications.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most updated machinery required for performing the final cable and harness assemblies, from wires and cables holding devices to automatic assembly machines. The assembled cables and harnesses are fully tested, using special test setup to ensure the full functionality and quality of the product.

Tools and inspection devices are calibrated to industry standards to ensure that all cables and harnesses meet our customers’ specifications.
At Transpro, a standard of high quality is our first and most important mission, provided through our detailed processes, and refined by years of experience.


The Transpro advantage

Transpro manufactures custom cables for specific applications based upon customer design and print requirements. We can assist with cable and connector selection, layout and manufacturing techniques, and computer aided design (CAD).
We also provide short-run manufacturing prior to mass production along with all aspects of the manufacturing process, including cutting, printing, soldering, assembly and braiding, termination, wrapping and testing.

Transpro’s customer-centric approach and long years of experience in design and manufacturing of cable assemblies and harnesses made it an invaluable partner to its customers across industries.


  • Communication and control Cables

Communication and control Cables are critical to electronic applications. Transpro offers a wide range of communication and control cables that can fit any application and meets any special requirements and specifications.

Our wide portfolio of communications and control cables contains cable types for audio systems, broadcast and studio, data transmission, security systems, control systems, and instrumentation systems.

  • High Voltage Cables

Transpro specializes in high reliability, high voltage interconnect products for use from 1 KV up to 20 KV in a variety of applications such as industrial, medical, military and more. Custom interconnect designs that can fit the customers’ needs are available by demand.

  • RF Cables

RF cables main use is for carrying audio-visual signals. It is a type of coaxial cable, which involves a series of casings to protect the signal from interferences. Among our RF cables solutions, we offer RG316, RG179, RG174 and many more.

  • Robotic Cables

Robotic cables can go through flexing and torsional stresses simultaneously. Transpro provide robotics cables that are ideal for the harshest operating environments and aggressive coolants and lubricants.

  • Clean Room Cables

A cable designed and manufactured specifically for clean room applications has to meet rigid standards. At Transpro we have infrastructure & expertise to manufacture and deliver clean room cables exactly according to customer’s requirements from Class 1000 to Class 100.

  • Molded Cables

We provide a wide range of molded cables for various applications such as communication, industrial and medical. Molded cables include HDMI Cables, VGA Cables, DVI Cables, LVDS Cables and more.

  • Power Cables

Power Cables usually consist of one or more conductors with insulation and jackets for conducting electric power. Transpro provides various types of power cables for all market segments.