With over 15 years of experience in Electro Mechanical Engineering, Transpro, a member of Trans-Innovation-Group (TIG) and together with its capabilities, offers a complete range of mechanical design services, including the design of components, cables, cable assemblies and harnesses.

Mechanical Design Services

Transpro and TIG’s design and engineering teams provide the following design and engineering services:

• Mechanical design and structural engineering
• Electrical panel design
• Cable design

Transpro’s expertise and customer-centric approach enables fast turnaround of prototypes and a quicker time-to-market. Our highly skilled design staff can design enclosures, starting from the bare minimum specifications and conceptual design, to components and complete enclosures.

With meticulous engineering methodologies we continue to manage the production file throughout the product lifecycle. Transpro team of experts serve as your project managers, ensuring efficient project transfer from development to manufacturing, resulting in optimal functionality and cost reduction.

Throughout the mechanical design stage Transpro’s vouch it’s partners to never compromise on the quality of the team, systems and deliveries; to continuously improve on our production processes; and to continue and stay agile to provide our customers with the best turnkey solutions to feet their project demands and specifications.