Transpro is an industry leader in the field of enclosures, making some of the most complex and valuable electronic and mechanical enclosure assemblies in the world.

We have designed and manufactured advanced enclosures for a variety of applications and verticals, including medical, military, industrial and more.

At Transpro, no project considered too large or too small. With our collective knowledge and expertise, backed by years of experience, each project enjoys the most efficient production methods, translated into cost-efficiency for our customers. Whether it is high mix/low volume or low mix/high volume, our exceptional team and infrastructure ensures that our customers stay on schedule and on budget with consistently high quality.

Our advanced fully computerized manufacturing facility features state-of-the-art machinery, certified by world leading component manufacturers, including pneumatic pressfit, pin crimping machine, crimp faston, power strip machine, ERP, and more.

The manufacturing process conforms to the highest quality standards, including ISO9001 – 2008 certified, IPC 610, IPC 620, and RoHS.

Enclosure assembly services

Our full range of Enclosure services and products include:

  • Custom and proprietary Enclosure products
  • Engineering services
  • Highly integrated and tested complex enclosure systems
  • Electro mechanical design of indoor and outdoor enclosures
  • Thermal management design, structural analysis, modeling and verification
  • Cabling design and documentation

As a customer-centered organization, we strive to exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery, reliability and service as we build a productive relationship based on exceptional customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts is ready to support clients from the early stages of the product conceptual planning through the engineering plan and feasibility examination, the prototype and serial manufacturing, assemblies and sub-purchase, until the final stages of packaging and transportation to the client’s required destinations.

Our team will consult with you on your requirements, or work directly from your drawings and plans in order to produce the best electro mechanical enclosure assemblies, no matter how complex your plans or specifications are – Transpro  ensures optimal quality and 100% accuracy.

Turnkey solutions

In order to provide complete turnkey solutions for our clients, Transpro operates an assembly arrangement supported by assembly lines, operated by a fully experienced professional team, logistics and purchase personal. Our packaging expertise encompasses custom and standard enclosures and cabinet designs for both indoor and outdoor applications. We build racks, chassis and shelf assemblies that meet exact customer specifications all the while adhering to international quality standards. Our goal is to provide cost-effective enclosures for our valued customers, superb quality & viable lifecycle support.

At Transpro we will:

  • Integrate components with switches, LEDs, thermostats and controllers
  • Work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic enclosures for industrial use
  • Provide power supplies assemblies, fan assemblies and many more
  • Provide complete turnkey projects, built either using customer supplied parts or Transpro’s supplied parts or a combination of both