Transpro’s full turnkey projects include services such as electronic design, procurement, assembly, programming, integration, packaging and shipping.We integrate comprehensive turnkey solutions through range of activities, for customers in various industries, such as medical, industrial, military, and more.Transpro implements a one-stop-shop approach for its customers around the globe. We have a full manufacturing capability and are able to supply our customers with a finished, superb quality, COTS product.

 Transpro Turnkey solutions

With Transpro’s extensive production track record and knowledgeable staff, we are experts in the production of custom-tailored solutions that are based on our partners requirements and specifications. Throughout our turnkey projects lifecycle, we manage the entire project from conceptual design and development through production and mass production.

Our services throughout the project include the following:

  • Preliminary planning, diagrams, and writing of detailed requirements documents (Specification documents)
  • Detailed electrical design
  • Project implementation, supply and manufacturing of hardware components including electrical and control panels
  • Product simulations and tests
  • Deployment of electrical and communications infrastructures
  • On-site installation, commissioning, and site acceptance tests
  • Detailed documentation and validation services
  • On-site consultancy and services

Projects are managed via an ERP system. The particulars of each project are fed to the system at the beginning of each project and are updated throughout all the stages until the end product.

Our engineering team, which comprises Electro mechanical engineers as well as software engineers, accompany the client throughout the entire project life cycle, leveraging their extensive experience in order to optimize costs, streamline processes, while maintaining the highest standards. Our partners receive updates regarding the production status throughout the entire process, and whenever questions arise during production, the company’s engineers initiate a dialogue with the customers offering optimal turnkey solutions.

 Turnkey projects production solutions

Depending on our customer’s specific need, we have several production solutions alternatives:

  • From product definition to mass production: The customer requirements are defined in a Statement of Work (SOW) and Transpro carries out the entire project, starting with engineering and development, including standardization and finishing with full mass production
  • From prototype to mass production: We take the customer’s prototype design through all stages of production including mass production
  • Mass production: A solution tailored to customers that have a product in mass production and are interested in cost reduction by moving the production line

Transpro’s industry expertise, backed by years of experience, enables usage of a wide range of technologies throughout the production life cycle. Our standard of high quality ensures that each turnkey project is executed with maximum meticulousness and professionalism, according to ISO standards, as part of the Transpro’s mission of delivering the highest quality of products in its turnkey solutions.

TransPro offers a one-stop-shop approach to the production of enclosures and electronic cabinets, including procurement of all the necessary components, production of cables and interconnect systems, including coaxial and flat-ribbon cables, electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, assembly and integration, testing and QA, and on to the logistics.

The entire process is completely computerized, using state-of-the-art ERP and management software.