Medical cable assemblies

TransPro offers a wide variety of standard and custom cables to meet various medical applications. From patient care and aesthetics to complex medical machinery, TransPro has the experience & expertise to design, test and manufacture custom cable assemblies, wires. enclosures & electonic panels for the medical industry.

Our ISO-13485 medical certification ensures our clients that we are capable of standing in the harshest requirements for the design and manufacture of medical devices and that we constantly aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of a comprehensive quality management system.

As a sister company to TransElectric, Transpro enjoys the benefit of working with world leading vendors in the field of electronic components such as Erni, ODU, Eaton, Sensirion and many more. The accessibility to our vendors assures our clients with the most up to date electronic equipment for medical cable assembly and the reliability of a world-renowned brands.

TranPro has the in-house tooling and prototyping capabilities to facilitate production and make any necessary last minute adjustments while staying on the original time to market date and on budget.

 Our Areas of Medical cable assembly expertise include:

  • Medical grade materials
  • Advanced sterilization methods
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) reduction
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low noise MED cables
  • Radio translucent MED wires
  • Miniaturization
  • High flexibility

Quality assurances to meet MED standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • IPC 610
  • IPC 620 harness certified
  • MIL STD manufacturer
  • RoHS Compliance