Standard optical fibers

Transpro offers a wide range of standard high performance fibers for high data rate transmission. From sophisticated medical processes and sensing to vast broadband infrastructures, we at TransPro are committed for maximal quality and reliability of our value driven fiber optic products and OEM services. That is why when in need for accuracy, reliability and consistency TransPro fiber optic is the first choice comes to mind.

Our standard optical fibers include:


Indoor cables

Indoor fiber optic cables used exclusively within buildings. Deployed in walls, between floors, under data center floors, in duct, in cable trays or in other various install configurations that affects the cable safety and durability requirements dramatically.

Amongst the most prominent requirements are fire prevention requirements. At Transpro, we utilize the latest, cutting edge, manufacturing equipment and methodologies to give our valued partners peace of mind when it comes to safety. Weather it is a standard or flame retardant jacket, our experts will provide you with the ultimate solution for your indoor safety and mechanical durability fiber optic needs.

Our Indoor fiber optic division offers our partners with the following cabling configurations:

  • Distribution fiber optic cables
  • Composite fiber optic cables
  • Single – Fiber interconnect cables
  • Fan–out Cables
  • Buffered / Tight Buffered Cables


Outdoor cables

Outdoor fiber optic cables engineered to endure extreme environmental and mechanical forces such as rugged terrain, ultra violet light, extreme temperatures and many more.

At TransPro we build the assembly utilizing the finest materials to meet outdoor harsh demands. Weather the need calls for highly flexible configuration, cut resistance, water and moisture protection or double armor for maximum endurance, we have the skills to meet any outdoor fiber optic specification.

Our Outdoor fiber optic division offers our partners with the following cabling configurations:

  • Breakout fiber optic cables
  • Armored tight/loose fiber optic cables
  • Tactical fiber optic cable
  • Underground cables
  • Gel filled / gel free cables
  • Micro fiber optic cables

Industrial cables

Industrial fiber optic technology provides you with the benefits of sending long distance signals without the intermediate need of amplifiers, ground isolation, lightening protection, easier cable routing, noise immunity, electromagnetic immunity, high data transfer rates and many more.

TransPro Industrial fiber optic cable division offers one of the largest product portfolio in the industry. From high-density horizontal trunking to lightweight vertical runs, our Industrial fiber optic cables designed and manufactured for simple laying with pre-assembled cables and are capable of supporting even the most demanding applications in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Our Industrial fiber optic division offers our partners with the following cabling configurations:

  • SMF (Single mode fiber) / MMF (Multi mode Fiber)
  • POF (polymer optical fiber)
  • PCF (plastic cladded fiber)
  • Armored fiber optic cables
  • Heavy duty multicord fiber optic cables
  • Trunk cables
  • HCF (Hybrid coaxial fiber cable)


FTTH (fiber to the home) cables

TransPro’s Fiber to the home (FTTH) services provides residences and multi dwelling units with high reliable FTTH that dramatically increase the poor existing copper based broadband access resulting in an optimized network architecture.

Our portfolio offers you with the ability to upgrade your lifestyle with a variety of easy to install, pre-terminated, and field-tested FTTH cables.

Our FTTH fiber optic division offers our partners with the following cabling configurations:

  • Direct Fiber
  • Shared Fiber
  • Active / Passive optical network
  • PPPoE – Ethernet point to pointGOS
    • Single mode
    • Multi mode
  • Trunk Cables