_ASLOGOAs a member of Trans-Innovation-Group (TIG) and together with its capabilities, Transpro can offer Electro mechanical design and manufacturing of custom harnesses, enclosures, electronic cabinets, and a variety of cable assemblies. We excel in delivering time-sensitive projects requiring agility and aggressive timelines.

Transpro’s long-lasting stability and commitment to its customers makes it an ideal partner for those looking for an end-to-end solution from design through prototyping and mass production.

Transpro has a wide range of solutions for global customers in various industries, such as medical, industrial, military, and more.

Here’s why our customers pick us over our competition:

Team of experts

From management through design; from production through Quality Assurance, the Transpro team brings to the table a proven and long-lasting track record of expertise for customers through the entire project lifecycle.

Uncompromising quality

A standard of high quality is our first and most important mission, delivered by our highly- skilled staff and provided through our detailed processes, refined by years of experience.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Ofakim (Israel) houses our high-volume production facility and skilled workers, as well as a new “class-100” clean area, which conforms to top industry standards and is used for high voltage cabling production and assemblies.

Transpro’s products are ISO9001 certified, with additional certification per customers’ criteria and projects, adhering to the highest quality standards.

Part of Trans Innovation Group

Being part of the Trans Innovation Group (TIG) and a sister company to Transelectric, Transpro has direct access to worldwide manufacturers and vendors of electronic components. As part of TIG’s one-stop-shop approach, Transpro customers enjoy competitive pricing and faster delivery time.